Habsburg was founded by three individuals who wanted to create a private equity firm based on successful relationships, hard work, analysis, and the collaborative participation of all individuals. These goals and values continue to shape the way.
Habsburg works and thinks. Habsburg is an early-stage and long term venture capital fund comprised of seasoned veterans and entrepreneurs from leading technology companies, who bring not only deep domain expertise, but also hands-on operating experience to the companies in our portfolio.

Habsburg investors began investing in 2000. In 2008, Habsburg’s investors decided to consolidate their various investments into Habsburg based in London, United Kingdom.
Early investments included Enterprise Outsourcing, SA Outsourcing, Tour Apps, Knowledge Apps, Monitor Apps, Timeshare Solutions, Finance Apps and Logistic Apps.
We encourage you to learn more about our team and our portfolio on this site, and we welcome any questions or comments. Habsburg has offices in London (UK), Barcelona (Spain) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

Our Advantages


Strive for honesty, fairness and uphold the highest ethical standards

Decision Making

Make decisions based upon analytical rigour, open debate and logic-based judgements


Support the management teams of our portfolio companies with the resources needed to realize the full potential of their businesses.


Strong partnerships with key operating management in our companies.


Top quartile returns to our investors.


Operational focus of our directors.

Habsburg's private equity team has completed more than 25 investments in a broad range of industry sectors.

How we work

We are a small, complementary, strategic team. We bring more than just capital; we get involved with our investments to assist them in the development of their unique value market positioning that will lead to a lasting success. Furthermore, we provide access to knowledge and skills that work with the senior team of our investments to build unique companies. Habsburg has a unique entrepreneurial culture ingrained in our approach. We back companies with unique products or services, and we assist their founders realise their potential by given them access to our platform and skills in:

Top Line Growth

Talent Development

Proven Technology Platform

Digital Marketing

Our organization's partnership structure, culture, and incentives are strongly aligned with the success of the companies in which we invest. We are long term investors with a proven track record.

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