Investments Strategy

Habsburg's investment strategy is both disciplined and opportunistic. We try not to forget the guidelines that have led to past successes - but we also depart from tradition to pursue compelling opportunities. Our goal is to look for quality investment opportunities that excite us.

As a first success led to a second, and then a third, we developed a deep base of relevant industry knowledge.

We generally seek companies that are strong financial performers and market leaders, led by a highly motivated management team that wants to own, as well as run, the business.

Our preference is for companies located in industries with favourable dynamics for sustainable earnings' growth which have resisted down cycles and show a compelling potential to improve margins and increase shareholder value.

Meet The Habsburg Team

The business backgrounds of our Directors and investment team are diverse and include general management, consulting, turnaround management and technologist. This diversity has been further strengthened by the knowledge gained through investing together over several business cycles.

Pedro Viudez


Pedro is a founding director of Habsburg Limited. In addition to his responsibilities with Habsburg, Pedro is an executive director of Enterprise Outsourcing worldwide and the Chief Executive of SA Outsourcing (Pty) Ltd. Pedro has been a director of Enterprise Outsourcing and SA Outsourcing since 2000.

Stephané Rouviére


Stéphane is a director of Habsburg Limited. In addition to his responsibilities with Habsburg, Stéphane is System Manager at HSCE (Honeywell Security and Custom Electronics). He has held this position since 2002. Prior to joining Honeywell, Stéphane worked as a software engineer at Shiva International and Intel Corporation where he spent 3½ years.

John Dismore


John Dismore is the CEO of Habsburg Limited. In addition to his responsibilities with Habsburg, John is Director and Investor of Prior to joining Habsburg, John was an Investor and Director of Slideware which was sold to, of which John was an Executive as well as being responsible for the development of Chatter.

Habsburg's team

The strength and depth of Habsburg's private equity team allows the firm to pursue investments with great flexibility, moving aggressively into attractive opportunities and capitalizing on changes in the global economic landscape. Habsburg's private equity team has completed more than 25 investments in a broad range of industry sectors.


Our organization size and scope allow for an intimate knowledge of regional markets worldwide and direct access to international resources, uncovering investment opportunities that can only be identified with the help of an active global network.

Our Business Experience

The investment team at Habsburg consists of more than 15 professionals, most with prior consulting or business experience.